Hello, so glad your here! Let's see what i can tell you about me:) I'm a Pastors wife, a stay at home mommy to two beautiful kids and a wife to the sweetest man ever! He always makes me feel special and truly strives to love me as Christ loved the church! 

I'm an Interior Designer who loves to decorate! I drive my husband nuts sometimes because ill have the living room, kitchen, or our bed room, etc... a certain way and then 2 months later it has a different look! Sorry, what can i say...I'm a clean decorator freak!
I absolutely love baking and crafts! I believe that's why i decided to start my own blog, because i wish to inspire other woman with my ideas as i have been inspired by so many!!! I wanted a place where i could share a little bit of what i do and i think i reached my goal!
There's always something new that I'm learning and i don't stop until it reaches perfection! Yes, I'm a perfectionist and i gotta say that sometimes it drives me nuts :/ 
I love the Lord, He is so good and because of Him i am who i am and have what i have! He has blessed me richly and i stand in awe of Him as He continues to do so even when i don't deserve it!
I desire to own my own shop one day! It's my dream to have a little place where i can sell all my crafts and even incorporate a little coffee shop where i sell cappuccinos, lattes, tea, cookies, etc...and of course cupcakes which by the way i love to decorate! I know God will bless my dream one day because He is that good!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by, hope you visit often :) God bless you!

Please feel free to e-mail me at