Thursday, February 16

DIY Baby Powder

Hello beautiful people! Today I wanted to share with you all an ALL NATURAL BABY POWDER that I made for my little one.
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Lately God has been really giving me a heart for homemade stuff like this. I've been doing a lot of research on baby lotions, baby soap, diapers, toothpaste, shampoos that we use, body wash, hair gel, hair spray, laundry soap, hand soap, etc...only to find one thing, It's all ROTTEN! They are so harmful. Not only for us but for our little ones too!
I guess that's why I have been contemplating switching over to cloth diapers with my little girl!
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I have been really astonished at the things that I have found that are linked to all the harmful ingredients that are in our daily toiletries. From breast cancer to ovarian cancer to skin cancer to tumors and the list goes on and on. It truly Is sad but It doesn't mean that I have to continue to use them when we have natural alternatives. My husband and I are taking baby steps in healthy living. I took one huge step by emptying out our bathroom cupboards from junk that we really don't need! I mean literally our bathroom looks so empty, ha.
I think this is how God intended it to be in the first place. We are the ones that have come along and have added so many chemicals and preservatives to EVERYTHING! Even food...but that's a whole different ball game. Although let me tell you that we have been buying as much Certified Organic fruits and vegetables as we can. It's not only nutritious and great for us but eating healthy taste and makes you feel so much better! Free from all chemicals and pesticides :)
Anyways getting back to the natural stuff. I wanted to share with you all these websites where I have learned not only to make my own baby powder, but a few more cool things as well.
They are so incredibly simple and inexpensive as well. That's another plus on making things from home, they are way cheaper.
*Sorry It's late and I haven't taken any pictures of the stuff that I have made. So please forgive me for not sharing anything visual with you all tonight.
Here are the websites, take a peek:)

God bless you all and may you have a great weekend!


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