Tuesday, March 13

Fresh Pineapple Water

So today I wanted to share an easy and refreshing way to accompany a meal or even just by itself. Either way tastes yummy. Normally I drink water with my meal but today I wanted to make something different for myself and the family, pineapple water. Mmm so good.
If you don't like pineapple, don't fret...the possibilties are endless. All you have to do is cut up your favorite fruit, put it in your blender, add enough water to cover the fruit, blend, serve and enjoy! Super fast and way healthier than soda or juices that have a whole bunch of added sugar and artificial flavors. Especially if you have little ones at home. They certainly don't need all that extra processed sugar! I added a little bit of honey. Agave nectar and stevia work great as well. Here are a few different fresh fruit waters that I have tried over the years.
Strawberry with pineapple
Of course you can do lemon and orange too, only juice the fruit though...don't blend it. LOL
Oh and by the way, some of these waters will be naturally sweet, no need to add anything to them.
Here are a few pictures of how mine turned out.


  1. yum! I often thinly slice citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons and add them, but blending and adding sounds yummy! Thanks!

  2. this is simply fabulous! so nice to see you again Eva -- my life has been so crazy i haven't been able to visit all of my fav blogs! i apologize -- so nice to see you doing fabulous!!! : ) hugs...


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