37 by 37

Okay so these are thirty-seven goals that i want to accomplish before i'm 37! Why thirty-seven? I dunno i think it's because it matches the number that goes with my favorite Psalm, Psalm 37 and also because it gives me enough time to be able to actually make these little desires come true....with the help of my Lord of course. After all David said..."Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart." And that is exactly what i plan on doing :)

1. Have another baby.
2. Go on a cruise with my hubby again.
3. Buying our own house where we can raise our kids and my hubby and i grow old together...not too excited with the growing old part :/
4. Paint my room and my kids room when we have our own house!
5. Own my own little shop where i can sell all my handmade goodies :)
6. Go to school and take some Culinary Art classes.
7. Go to the Philippines on a Missions trip with my hubby.
8. Have my own website.
9. Have my Etsy shop up and running.
10. Go to Cancun.
11. Sew my kids, hubby and myself clothes!
12. Learn to knit.
13. Go back to visit sweet family in Kansas!
14. Build my kids there own little wooden house in the backyard  :)
15. Have my own vegetable garden.
16. Grow my own fruit.
17. Go rafting!
18. Remake and paint a piece of furniture.
19. Going to Yosemite as a family!
20. Make a quilt!
21. Make my own almond butter.
22. Make creme brûlée.
23. Know how to operate Photoshop and own it :)
24. Sew a dress from a pillow case for my sweet princess.
25. Lose 50 pounds! :/ yikes..hehe
26. Run a mile without stopping!
27. Teach Sammy how to ride his bike.
28. Ride the train to Kansas.
29. Go to the observatory in L.A. with my hubby!
30. Go camping as a family.
31. Make quiche.
32. Go to Disneyland with my hubby, my brother Luis and Tiffany :)
33. Make my very own catalog with all my handmade goodies :)
34. Get highlights again!
35. Make Alfredo Sauce from scratch!
36. Make Gordon Ramsey's famous Shepherds Pie.
37. And last but not least, continue to fall in the love with My Lord as the years pass, serve HIM and to teach my kids to do the same :)



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