Thursday, August 18

Ric Rac Flower Headband Tutorial

Hello! Hope your week has been blessed so far :) I wanted to share how to make these ric rac flower that i made today! They are so simple to make. You can use it as hair clip or as a headband. Either way looks very pretty! Okay so here it goes.
You will need:
about a yard of ric rac (any color)
felt (preferably to match the color of the ric rac)
glue gun
a button or any kind of embelishment


Okay so first step is to decide how big you want your flower to be. Cut the felt according to the size you want and get your ric rac ready. With just a dot of glue, start by glueing the end of your ric rac right on the edge of the felt.

Now what you want to do is the same thing all the way around.
Just like this...
Keep on going until you reach the very end!
Now decorate your flower with a button or anything you want and your DONE!!!
Easy Right!?!
Now you can either leave it like that or glue it onto a headband.
If you do, flip it over and cut another felt circle a little smaller than the one you made. Glue it onto the back so it feels more comfortable for the baby or who ever is wearing it.
Ta my son would say, All DONE!!!
I also made this other one that so far has been my favorite!!!
I put Swarovski crystals in the middle to make it look more classy :)
I'll give the tut on this one later ;)
Okay so my hubby surprised me with something that i wasn't expecting till Christmas. We were just talking last night about how we needed a new camera because the one we have is almost dead :( I was telling him how i wanted my own so i can have it with me where ever i go. With the other one it was a little difficult because sometimes he would need it for ministry stuff. I told him i wanted a pink one so i could make sure he wouldn't use! We joked about it and he said he would get it for me for Christmas. But today he came home with this cute pink little bag and tissue paper inside. It almost looked like a birthday gift :) He looks at me and says, "Merry Christmas." Awe he is so stinken cute! I knew what it was without even opening up the bag!!!
and guess what? It's pink!!! :)
Yay, Thank you baby! Your the best :)
Take care you guys and have a blessed weekend!
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The Mendez Family said...

Nice they came out Great I love the Camera Pink!God bless

Evelyn Rocha said...

Awe thanks! Miss you ;)

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

super cute! Love the head bands and the pink camera too! Pink is the best isn't it! :) I made my first headband bow for Jaylin's 1st bday. I will have to post it soon. P.S. I love the bows my mom gave me that you made! Oh and I commented on your comment on my blog :)


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