Wednesday, September 7

Mmm Chicken!!!

Hello, hope your week has been blessed so far. So i made some chicken today and although i hardly ever make anything fried, when i do we all enjoy it so much! My baby boy loves it! The recipe is really simple! Hope you enjoy!

Chicken breasts ( you can buy them already cut into a fillet or you can cut it yourself )
Italian bread crumbs ( or corn flakes )
2 table spoons of milk
garlic salt with ground parsley
1 egg

1. Season your fillet with the garlic salt and set aside.
2. Whisk the egg and the milk together and pour on top of your chicken. Move them around so that they get fully wet with the egg mixture.
*Have your crumbs ready on a plate. Have an extra plate to set your fillets once they've been coated.
3. Grab a fillet and cover it with the bread crumbs. I ran out so i just used my food processor and grounded some corn flakes. It comes out very good either way! It even tastes like fried chicken when you use the corn flakes.
4. In a pan have your oil ready ( i use coconut oil and it gives it a really nice taste to the chicken ). You need it to be very hot! Set your fillets in the pan and fry them for about a minute in a half on each side or until you see a nice crisp look to it. Flip them over and do the same on the opposite side. If you want them crispier, leave them in their for a little longer. Not too long though because you don't want to overcook your chicken :)

5. Have a plate ready with a paper towel on it. Remove your fillet and set on the paper towel. I like doing this because it helps to soak up the excess oil.
You can serve it with anything! Mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, lentils, beans...really ANYTHING!
I kept it simple for my baby and myself. Hubby is out of town so i don't need to impress anybody for the next two weeks, lol! Except my 19 month old but he's easy. He eats just about anything :)
I had some corn on the cob so i just chopped it up, threw it in a pan with a little butter, salt and pepper and i was done!
God bless!


The Mendez Family said...

Yummy!!! Looks good fast and easy which I love haha
Love the pillow :) it came out very pretty

Evelyn Rocha said...

It is very easy! I know you'll like it ;) thanks! Love ya!


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