Sunday, September 4

My First Wreath!!!

Yay, so i was so excited to finish my first wreath. Its gotta be the easiest and one of the prettiest DIY ideas out there. I just loved it! With kids and all it took me about 2-3 days to make. But I'm sure that if it's all your doing, you can probably finish it in an evening. I looked up wreath ideas on google and came across a lot of pretty ones. The beauty of it, is that u can choose any color yarn you want and you can make your wreath as big as you want! You can add any kinds of flowers, whether its fabric or felt. The ideas are endless!
It makes a beautiful gift for a friend too. Christmas, Birthdays or just because :) I made this one for a special sister in Christ for her Birthday.
Im currently making my own and as soon as I'm done ill be posting a tutorial with step by step pictures on how to make this simple beauty!

Take care and God Bless your day!!!


The Mendez Family said...

This came out so beautiful I just made a pillow out of felt I'll have to post it , what did u wrap the yarn around ? I love it

Evelyn Rocha said...

a Styrofoam circle. you can use the green or the white :) ill be posting a tutorial soon :)

Cindy@Cinsarah said...


Lauren @ Summit St Joy said...

this is beautiful!!! I love the blue & red & love how your flowers came out! pinning now :)


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