Wednesday, October 26

DIY Marker/Pencil Holder

Hello and hope your having a blessed day! I wanted to share a quick and easy way to store your markers, pencils or whatever you want!
You'll need really simple tools:
a container that you have laying around your house
sponge brush
mod podge
doilies ( cut in half )
fabric of your choice
Here are a few pictures to walk you through how i did it. I used doilies because i was inspired after I saw over at the The 36th Avenue some beautiful painted cans with doilies on them! So so pretty! I wanted to make them like that but it's been raining so i couldn't go outside to paint the cans. When i saw the fabric i thought, well i could make it a little different! So here it is :)
Start mod podging the can and applying the fabric as you go along.
Apply the doily with mod podge as well.
And here it is...not quite as pretty as the one that i saw at The 36th Avenue. but it serves it's purpose. Once the weather allows me to go outside and spray paint, ill be doing just that :)
Have a good rest of the week!

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Anonymous said...

Super cute!!!


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