Friday, October 7

My Little Helper

So mommy was really busy today! 3 loads of laundry and putting them away (not to mention going up and down my steep stairs to do laundry in the first, bathing both kids, washing dishes, making lunch, baking a loaf of bread, sweeping, dusting, moving furniture around to give my apartment a different look, fussy kids, screaming kids, changing pee and poopy diapers, feeding the fish :), cutting the cantaloupe before it goes bad, saying no like a million times :/, nursing, washing more dishes, cleaning the kitchen, bathing myself and on top of all that i had to squeeze in crafts. Even if i did something for like 10-15 min. and then come back to it like an hour in a half later...haha! Oh yea and it was Friday, "what does that mean you might ask?" that means church!!! Don't get me wrong i love going to church, but that means getting the diaper bag ready, Alexandra's little bowl of food :), telling Samuel not to poke her sisters eye, changing their diapers before we leave, getting sippy cups and snacks ready, blankets cause it's cold, oh yea pajamas too cause they fall asleep on the way back home and my phone cause thats where i have my bible....oh yea and don't forget to grab the neosporine for Lex's rash! Don't you just wanna scream? LOL i know i did, in fact today was one of those days that i just wanted to pull my hair out! Maybe not cause that would hurt but i did wanna go outside and scream like a lunatic! I think that would have released the stress that i had on my back and shoulders :)
Thank God my hubby offered to bring dinner home...that was a huge blessing because i wasn't really in the mood to cook after all that!
Ahhh, the life of a married woman with kids! I love it though! Even though sometimes i ask myself, 'How do i do it Lord? I'm so exhausted, my back hurts and i just wanna lay down!!!!!!!!!" It is then that He reminds me that it's not by my strength, but by HIS SPIRIT! Thank You Jesus!
So i think i forgot to mention vacuuming in my never ending to do list :/
When i pulled out the vacuum, Sammy insisted he wanted to help, so i let him! He looked so cute trying to pull it back and forth. It's kinda heavy for him but i loved to see the way he tries to help. When we finish eating dinner Mario will hand him some of the dishes so he can bring them to me while i'm washing them, he'll insist in giving him Lex's diaper after i change her so he can throw it away...and he really does, oh yea and he says thank you to himself! So stinken cute!!!
He'll put dirty clothes in the hamper and he'll put all his toys away now too, and once he's done, he'll grab his book and say momma, kinda like letting me know that he wants me to sit down with him to read! I just love that!!! I love to see his heart, even at this young age...a heart to serve! Thank you Lord!!!
Here's a few pictures. Have a good weekend and enjoy your little ones!!!

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The Mendez Family said...

The Joy of motherhood :) he is so cute


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