Thursday, October 20

Thrifty Thursday Frame Makeover

Okay so today i wanted to share a quick idea on how to give a frame a little make over! I got the frame at a thrift store for .50 cents and everything else i already had so that's all i spent!!!
Here's a few pictures of the step by step process :)
You will need:
Mod podge
sponge brush
pretty paper frame
felt to make some cute flowers or any other embellishment (optional)

Get your paper, frame and tools ready.
Trace your frame onto the paper.
Once it's measured, cut it out.
Now grab your ruler. Measure and trace the inside of the rectangle so that you cut it out and it'll make the shape of the frame! Hope this makes sense :/
Just like this!
Okay so after you cut it set it on top of your frame to make sure its the same size and you didn't miss anything.
Now apply a thin layer of mod podge on your frame where your going to set the paper.
Once it's set, add another layer of mod podge. Make sure that your paper doesn't have any bubbles or creases! (you can add 2-3 layers of mod podge, it's really up to you!)
And your done! Add a cute embellishment, your favorite picture and admire your simple craft!
God bless!

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