Saturday, November 5

Simple Journal Idea

Hello and hope your all having a sweet Saturday. I just wanted to share a quick & simple idea. I had been wanting to buy a journal now for a while. I have been really busy lately with Bible Studies, Coaster orders for Christmas, a couple wreaths that i need to get done, interviews for a book that is going to be published soon, a craft class that i will be giving in a couple weeks, baskets that i need to do for our guest speaker in December and on top of that house stuff. Lately i feel like my memory isn't the same so i had to get something where i can keep all my TO Do's and go back and see dates and deadlines that i have. I went to Marshall's today and saw this sweet journal. I loved it! It's perfect for what i need it. I added a little flower to it to make it look prettier. I love how it looks:)
I just wanted to share this little quick and easy idea because there might be someone out there that has the same problem as me and doesn't remember things as easy now that we have kids and so many things on our plate. Hopefully you too could get a sweet simple journal where you can write all the little and small things that need to get done in your busy and lovely lives :)

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