Monday, December 19

Mommy Joy

Okay so I just wanted to share with you guys how I found my 8 month old baby the other day.
I went to the bathroom to go brush my teeth and I wasn't even more than 3 minutes long. I come out and this is how I find her...asleep on her jumper.
Awe my heart just melt. She looked so adorable. I couldn't help my self but just bent down right by her and stare at her. I just wanted for that moment to last forever.
Oh how I wish at times that they would never grow. I know it's life but, don't we all just wish they can stay like that for a loooong time.
I remember when my first born was this age and i though i can't wait for him to crawl. When he started to i thought, i can't wait for him to walk. Once he started walking i thought, i can't wait to see him running. And it goes on and on right?!?! Lol
It's like were never satisfied.
I guess I just have to focus on the moment and enjoy it! Even though at times I get so frustrated (don't we all), God is really teaching me to take a deep breath, think before I act and then handle the situation. It's so hard and challenging to be a mommy sometimes, but it definitely is one of the most amazing things that can happen to a woman.
I love seeing them together, i love seeing them reach different milestones. It's a blessing to be a stay at home mommy and be a part of their lives as they grow.
Thank you Jesus for having that opportunity!
God bless you guys and remember, enjoy them because time flies!!!!


Jewels@Joy-n-Jesus said...

that is so darn cute! Love it! Yep! I too want it to SLOW down! It's going tooo fast!

Barb and Dell said...

She is so sweet. Yes, enjoy each moment and each day as time does fly.
Have a Blessed Christmas with your family.

Vivian said...

One thing for sure is that those little ones can sleep in the most odd positions...I found my last one (and my best sleeper of all) once half way hanging from the bed (feet down) fast asleep. Super funny, super cute. Makes me wonder how she ended up that way? lol

Deidre said...

Oh yes how time does move along at a speedy rate,my oldest baby is turning 14 next week! Seems like just yesterday she was my sweet baby girl cooing and giggeling and playing peek a boo,but now shes a "TEENAGER"....In the blink of an eye........ Deidre~

Leslie's Garden said...

Such a little sweetheart. Mine are all grown and I've not been blessed with grandchildren yet. Hopefully they are in my future! Lately I've really been feeling the need to nurture, so I hope I don't have to wait much longer!

Crystal Mendez said...

so cute

Partycraft Secrets said...

only kids can sleep in a jumper! great photo - have a fabulous 2012! x


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