Sunday, June 5

Glass Jars

So i wanted to share this really cute idea! You know how sometimes we buy stuff at the store that come in glass jars? Then once there empty they end up in the trash!?! Well, we no longer have to throw them away! You can wash them with hot soapy water, let them air dry and fill them up with stuff that's lying around in your cupboard. I go to Henry's and buy stuff from the bulk a lot! Whether it's oatmeal, dried fruit, brown name it! So instead of keeping it in the baggy, i pour it in the glass jars! Now...if you see the crafty side of it, you can recycle them and use them as vases. Vases? Yep :) Sounds weird, i know but it actually looks really cute! You just gotta use your imagination, decorate them, fill them up with water and put some pretty flowers in there! Here are some pics :0) God bless your week!!!


The Mendez Family said...

So cute eva nice job

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

adorable! lov it! good job! That would be great as a gift for hospital visit, party to thank host, or gift for friend! Love it!


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