Friday, June 3

Yummy Whole Wheat Bread!!!

So i wanted to share this really cool thing that happened to me a while back. For a while now i had been wanting a bread machine to be able to make my very own home made bread! Any body that knows me, knows that i love baking and making stuff from scratch. I liked the idea of making it myself without all the added preservatives and all the other junk they put in regular store bought bread. There was just one problem, the machine i wanted was almost $200 bucks and we couldn't afford it! I decided i would save up for it and eventually get it! One day i went to Sear's and in one of the aisles full with clearance stuff, guess what they had? A Hamilton Beach Bread Maker for only $29.99!!! wow :) The Lord is so good! He blesses us even in the little things!!! Now i'm able to make my very own bread! It's so yummy, soft and healthy. I found a recipe online and with a little alterations, i have made it even healthier! I make it with Whole Wheat flour and add seven grain cereal with some brown sugar! Seriously, there's nothing like walking into a home that smells like home made bread! Here are a few pics :) If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. It could also be done by hand!

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~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

Yummy! That is awesome! I needed to hear that reminder as I sooo want a new camera right now, but it's so expensive! I need to offer it up to my heavenly daddy who owns cattle on a thousand hills! He delights to give us gifts... just as we do our kids! Love this reminder! He gave you... His darling, loved, and cherished daughter a gift He knew you desired! WOW! Beautiful! Love it! I would love to nab me a bread maker too! My friend who has four little ones loves hers and if she can do it with four i guess I could do it with three :) lol! please pass me that recipe! You know I love me a good recipe and especially if i can knock out the added preservatives or make it healthy somehow! thanks girl!


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