Saturday, July 30

Fun, Fun, Fun

So this week was a blessing! My hubby, the kids and I got to get away for a few days! It was so much fun! Of course it was busy, busy, busy as well. Diaper changing, feedings, bathroom trips, kids crying, kids being fussy, Samuel poking Alexandra's eye and us telling him NO for the 20th time...Samuel saying PLZ for something that till now had no idea what he was talking about...the list goes on and on. lol :) i guess those are the moments that give our life that extra spice! Thank you Lord :) So anyways, we got to go to L.A. for a day and then a couple of days to San Diego. We got to take Sammy to Sea World again which was a blessing! He loved it and even though we were all dead tired,we enjoyed it. Except Alexandra of course. All she wanted was to be on her belly taking a nap in her crib :( poor baby! Here are a few pictures! Hope you guys have a blessed week!

OlD ToWn

Sammy eating popcorn while waiting for the dolphin show :)
Polar Bear Paws

My TWO favorite boys!

Samuel and Daddy having fun together:)
Sammy being silly! He was cracking up cause i was pretending to sprinkle water on daddy. Mario would then make a face as he pretended the water was splashing him on the face! lol
My cutie pie!
Awe, my big boy!

Sammy eating some mild salsa! A true mexican at 17 months!

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