Sunday, July 24

Tiles and magnets

Hello you guys, hope you had a blessed weekend. So i have been working on some tile coasters this weekend. There so much fun to make and there a great gift too! Here's the list of materials: tiles (i get mine @ Lowe's), StazOn Ink, your favorite stamps, felt stickies (Lowe's as well), white spray paint and some polyurethane. All you need to do is stamp your tile with your favorite stamps, let it dry. Then you put about 3 to 4 layers of polyurethane to make sure its sealed, flip it over and spray paint it so it gives it a better look to the bottom. Then once thats dry add the felt stickies. Wait about a day or two to use them just to make sure there sealed. Enjoy!!! Here are a few pictures of mine :)
Tip: the surface of the tile is kinda uneven so when u stamp it, some of the image will be missing, (a few pieces anyway), just get a thin sharpie and finish the small imperfections by hand!

Another thing i made for the bookstore was magnets! People love magnets...who doesn't?!? There a great way to decorate your fridge :) Here are a few pictures of them as well!!! Have a blessed week!

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