Wednesday, September 14

Banana Muffins

Hello :) So i wanted to share another recipe that i made today! I love having Wednesday night Bible Studies! It's so cool to be able to get together and share God's word! It's a bummer that i've had to miss it the last couple times because my kiddos are still kinda sick so i haven't been able to join them but i decided i wanted to bless them with some banana muffins! The recipe is perfect for whenever u have ripe bananas that you need to get rid of :) So here's the recipe from my favorite place again!

And this is Sammy, my crazy sleeper. Last night i went to the bathroom and when i came out i found him like this on the couch. I cracked up! Lol Can u tell he hates socks!!! I always put them on and he takes them right off. I'll find one in his toy box a couple days later, in the trash can, under neath the couch cushions, behind the couch or maybe even all wet because he'll have it in his mouth and walk around with it like he's a puppy or something and it ends up all slobbered on! He's something else :) I love him so much! And i love those little moments that bring joy to my heart!
And this is my crazy sleeper #2. At times i believe she's worse than him! Lol I walked into the room the other day and she had this position going on! I was like, "What the heck, how did she end up falling asleep like that!!!" What cracks me up the most is that this is often the position that she'll fall asleep in! Oh my funny! She lights up my day :)

We went to Sprouts the other day and Lex and I waited in the car, My foot had been bothering me so Mario and Sammy went grocery shopping for mommy. My hubby is so sweet! I just love him!!! He never ceases to amaze me with the things that he'll do for me to show me his love! Can u tell i miss him!?! Lol
We had had a long day that day so she was fussy. I unbuckled her and she was screaming so loud that i just let her be. Mario says she's only 5 months and can already see that she's gonna have moms temper when she gets older. Lol! Poor baby! Ill pray for her :)
So after all the screaming and squirming, this is how she ended up! She's hilarious!
Hope your rest of the week is blessed! God bless you and your little ones!!!

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