Thursday, September 15

Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

Hello :) So today i finished a grapevine wreath. I loved how it came out. Even though It's a bit simple, i love how the red pops out! I was debating about putting a banner on it but then decided i didn't want to. I'll put one on the next one :)
So for a while now i have been praying about selling the stuff i make. Ever since i used to make and sell jewelry when i used to live in Mexico, Iv'e always dreamed about having my own little shop where i can sell my handmade stuff and some coffee and cupcakes on the side :) Of course I'm a ways from that but you gotta start somewhere right!?! So i have been praying that God would allow me to bring the stuff i make to a little exposure. And i believe He's answered my prayer! Last Saturday when i went to the Farmers Market i got a bit information about the procedure on setting up a little booth there. It's fairly easy and i would just do it on Saturdays from 9-3! I talked to my hubby and he thought the idea was great! It works perfect too cause he would stay with the kiddos :) Next step is to go get my business license! I'm so so excited...Thank you Lord. Now i just pray that it'll work out :)
So with all that being said, I'm trying to make as many things as possible so that i can have a good inventory when i get to set up there for the first time. And with the Holidays coming up i though red would be a good color!
So here is how you make the double color felt rosette!

Cut out a circle. It's really up to you how big you want it. I used a CD to trace over the felt and then cut it out. Please don't cut it out perfect. Imperfection is beauty :)
Cut out two different color circles. Sorry i didn't take a picture of the white one.
Grab both ends ( or should i say the side where you started cutting )and start twisting in :)
Keep on twisting...
...and twisting...
Until your done :)
I added a little pearl to it :) I love how it looks!
Once you've done as many flowers as you want in various sizes, etc...glue them on and enjoy your finished simplicity!!!

Have a blessed rest of the day!


~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

so cute! Looks great! Love the pics of the kids! They are so cute! Love little sleeping babies :) so adorable!

Evelyn Rocha said...

Thanks! Yea they definitely look like little angels when there asleep ;)


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