Sunday, September 11

Fun with the kiddos

Hello :) Hope your weekend was blessed! So with my hubby being out of town I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Besides him being my husband he's my best friend and i miss him terribly whenever he's gone! The days are so long without him :( I hate it!!! Iv'e been really praying and clinging to the Lord, He's the only one who can strengthen me and give me peace. I hope this week goes by fast cause i still have another ten days to go!
So with that being said I've been getting out of the house as much as possible so i won't feel so lonely! I took Alexandra to the pediatrician to get her vaccines on Wednesday. She did so good! She got a little fever that night but it went away by the next morning :) Thank u Lord!
Then Friday morning i took Sammy to IHop! I had a coupon. If you bought an entree and two drinks you would get an entree for free! We had fun! Alexandra slept the whole time so that was a blessing! Sammy did really good too! I was teaching him how to pinch his fruit with a toothpick :) He got frustrated at first cause he couldn't get it. He ended up grabbing the melon and sticking the toothpick directly on their. He's so funny! He cracks me up!
After that we went to Target! I wanted to buy some plain new lampshades that would match my new comforter and then decorate them with felt flowers! Ill post on that later :)
Then Saturday we left to go to the Hemet Farmer's Market. It was so fun! I bought some freshly squeezed orange juice and a chicken quesadilla for both Sammy and I. Mmm so delicious! We walked around for a little bit. Got some strawberry's and bought some homemade body soaps!
We had a good time!
After that i took advantage of how beautiful of a day it was and that it wasn't too hot yet, so i decided to take Sammy to the park straight from the Farmers Market. He had a blast running around and getting on the slide. He even found a little car their, brand new! Somebody must have lost it the day before that cause when we were their, there was no boys around. So i let him keep it and washed it really good :) When we finally got home, he took a long good nap which was a blessing! He wrestled around and fell asleep on the flood with blankets on top of him. lol :)
Its been fun hanging out together. Even though we miss daddy, it has been a wonderful opportunity to really feel God's presence and to know that He is with us!
Thanks for stopping by, here's a few pictures and remember, never take your husbands for granted!!! They were made by God especially for us! Enjoy every minute with them:) Love you girlies!!!

My little string bean at the Pediatrician
Lexy asleep at IHOP
Farmers Market
At the park
Blessings :)


The Mendez Family said...

Great pics sounds like you have been pretty busy! She is getting so big love you guys praying for you

Evelyn Rocha said...

Tell me about it! Thank u for ur prayers! Love you too!!!


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