Monday, September 12

House Decor

Hey you guys! So i wanted to share something funny. A few weeks ago my hubby and i were talking and he mentioned about putting something on the wall. I was like, "Are you kidding me? That's ugly! It doesn't even go with our house or the decorations i have on the walls!" There's a reason why i went to school for Interior Designing! Lol :) We both laughed and i told him i was the only one who could put stuff up on the walls cause i knew how to match and he didn't. I don't exactly remember how it came out but he said something about me being the author and decorator of this house! It was hilarious because we immediately thought about Hebrews 12:2. So we both came up with this....I told him i was gonna print it out and frame it so i can put it up somewhere. So here it is! I love how it came out, and of course with my crafty mind i had to decorate it a little :) Have a blessed day!!!

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