Thursday, September 22


Hi you guys, hope your having a blessed day!
So i wanted to share on something that God has been really speaking to me, and that's MARRIAGE! Being married isn't easy, It takes work, dedication, passion, love, perseverance, respect, selflessness, communication but above all i believe, is Forgiveness! A very important word that i think we have to grab a hold of for the rest of our lives! And not only in our marriage but in our every day life, with others. I think being married to the man that i am has made me a better person. He's a great example to me. In the almost three years we've been married we've had our arguments and i gotta say that 90% of them have been because of me. I'm much more stubborn than he :) But through it all he's received me with his arms wide open and forgiven me every time...right away too! lol I'm the type that if we have an argument i won't wanna talk to him, not even look at him for at least a couple hours! If he asks me what's wrong, my response is...NOTHING! That's gotta be my favorite word...haha!!! Okay it's not that funny :)
I'm not saying he's perfect or anything like that because only GOD is perfect, but he really does show me and he strives to LOVE ME as CHRIST loved the church! The way God has commanded him to ( Ephesinas 5 )
Being away from him for a couple weeks has made me realize a lot of things! One of them is not to take him for granted...EVER, enjoying every moment with him and COMUNICATION!
You see I'm the type of person that if i feel like i'm gonna be hurt i'll draw back and shut down. I've been hurt many times in the past and when i remember the pain, i'd rather stand back and not communicate. But like a friend told me, that's very dangerous. And it is because It's a lie from the pit, It's a way for satan to separate and deceive us!
So with that being said, God has opened my eyes to a few things and one of them is communication. It's very important to communicate and let our spouse know anything and everything about the way we are feeling, etc...They love us and God will give them the wisdom to understand what were saying and try to make it better!
I wanted to share the devotion so here it is!

Sticking Together

"Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."
Mark 10:9
When I was a kid, I would build models.
However, I was really bad at it, because I would get glue everywhere. So when I decided to build a model as an adult, I thought I would be so much better at it. But I discovered that I was as bad as I always had been. Glue was everywhere.

Then I discovered superglue. It sounded so simple. Only a couple drops here and there would hold things together. But then I got it on my fingers, which the instructions warn against. So my thumb and index finger were stuck together for awhile.

When Genesis 2:24 (KJV) uses the word "cleave" to describe the relationship between a husband and a wife, it uses a Hebrew term that speaks of adhering to or sticking together. It is to be attached by some strong tie. The verb suggests a determined action. So it is not that a husband and wife are stuck together, but they are sticking together. They are holding on to one another. There is nothing passive about it.

When we come to the New Testament use of the word, it is a term that means to cement together and stick like glue, so the two cannot be separated without serious damage to both.

This involves constant communication before marriage and during the marriage. In a poll that was taken among people who were divorced, 86 percent cited deficient communication as the number-one reason for the breakup of the marriage. There was a communication breakdown.

Every marriage will have its conflicts, and couples need to learn how to resolve this. Cleaving together means putting the needs of your mate above your own. And as Ruth Graham once said, "A successful marriage is made up of two good forgivers."

Since I'm crafty and all, i had to make that saying into a frame to help us remind ourselves to always have a forgiving heart, just like our LORD does. It won't only minister to us, but to whoever enter our home and even our kids as they grow up and learn how to read.

So with that being said i pray that now more than ever we search our hearts and see if we have any un-forgiveness and to always remember to communicate with our spouses, even in the fun little things! Like my husband always says, Life is too short and beautiful to waist your time being upset :) I Agree! God bless
I had to share this cute little frame that i made for my best friend. It was her birthday last week and when i came across this saying i knew i had to make something for her with it! Can you tell i love hearts? :)

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The Mendez Family said...

Amen ! Forgiveness! Is so precious so big in our marriage! Spically because we will both always need to be forgiven lol And in life, the bible is so clear on forgiveness Matthew 6:14
Loving each other 110% and both serving our heavenly father!
We love you Guys love this post God bless


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