Saturday, September 17

Vase Makeover

Hello hope your having a good day! So Today i went to the Farmers Market with my kiddos again! I bought some pretty flowers. I want my house to look nice when my hubby gets home Tuesday so i thought flowers would cheer up the ambience :) The vase looked a little plain so i though i would add something to it! You know me :)
I remembered i had saved a picture on my phone of a cute vase that i liked from Better Homes & Gardens. It had sea shells, and since i love anything that comes from the ocean (well almost anything ;) i thought it would be perfect! Here's a before and after picture!

This is the one from Better Homes & Gardens

I love how it turned out! It's funny how something so simple can make something look so pretty.
God bless :)


The Mendez Family said...

I love those flowers that vase came out very nice cute easy touch on it

Evelyn Rocha said...

Thank u! ;)


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