Wednesday, September 28

Martha Stewart Stencils

So the other day i took a trip to my favorite place: Michael's! LOL Call me ridiculous but i can spend hours there! I love to browse around and see what else i can learn to make or what new ideas come into my mind.
You see i'm the type of person that is making like 10 things at once! I can't only work on one thing. I have to be inspired to start and finish something, and if I'm not or I'm losing interest at the time, ill put it down and start on something else. After a couple weeks, then ill go back to it and start where i left off :) Weird!!!
So anyways, I'm pretty sure you all know about Martha Stewarts NEW all surface paint! There so stinken awesome! When i saw it i new i had to buy some and make something with the paint and her new line of stencils! So i did :) I bought some mother of pearl paint and some of her stencils and got to work! I grabbed a little glass jar that i had boughten a while back at the Thrift store and was excited for its make over! Here are a few pictures! You guys should try it, it's so fun and you can make so many things! Paint fabric, wood, metal, glass, etc...My next project will be painting my coffee table and painting some pillows to decorate my bed! Have i mentioned lately that i love crafts!?! LOL

God Bless!

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