Thursday, September 29

Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Filling

Helloooo :) So Wednesday nights we have home fellowships where we read the Word, meditate on it and a time of prayer. It was sweet last night! After the teaching we had a time of prayer for each other. I love to see how God moves and how He answers prayer. He is such a great God and worthy of ALL our praise!
So of course since i love to bake, i had to make something for my company! LOL It's a great excuse for me to get in the kitchen and make something yummy! I decided to make a basic vanilla cake that i got from Martha Stewart a while back. It has buttermilk so it never fails to turn out really soft and moist! You get 2 round cakes with the recipe so i filled the center with raspberry preserves and covered it with heavy whipping cream that i made. I wanted to share the recipe for the whipping cream. It turns out really good and its not full of preservatives like the store bought whipping cream! I got a few snaps of the cake. My intention was to take a picture of the whole process but i was running out of time with getting the house ready for bible study, finishing up dinner, feeding Lex, etc...that i totally forgot till of course the cake was done! LOL Im sure you guys can figure it out because it's simple to put together!
So here's the recipe for the frosting (you can use it for anything tho)!

Heavy Whipping Cream, (4 quarts)
4 tablespoons of sugar
3 teaspoons of vanilla

In order for the whipping cream to form a soft peak faster, place the paddles and the bowl where you'll be whipping it in the fridge so its nice and cold (about 2-3 hours). It really does work!!!
Once they've been chilled, mix all the ingredients with a whisk in your bowl and beat on high for a good 3-4 minutes or until peak forms.
And then your done :) It's really easy to make and i love how it turns out every time!

Here's a picture of the finished cake :)
Mmmmm, so yummy.....
God Bless you guys!

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