Friday, October 14

How to Etch Glass

Hello everybody! So today i wanted to give a tutorial on "How to Etch Glass". This is one of my favorite projects. The ideas are endless! I etched one of my vases that i frequently use to put my flowers in! Lately I've been buying them every Saturday when i go to the Farmers Market so i thought i would give it a cute little touch. Im looking forward to etching my glass dishes too. You know those glass containers that you might have where you store your left overs? Well sometimes i use those to take food in their for a potluck or something, so if you etch your last name on it, they'll know who it belongs to and it makes it easier for you to get your dish back.
Anyways here are a few pictures that i took, hope you etch something this week. It's so fun!
* * * * * * * *
You'll need your Cricut Machine, (Martha Stewart stencils would work too but you would have to throw it away after) glass, Armour Etch, a brush, masking tape & vinyl.
Cut out your design!
Once cut you have to take out the part of the design that you don't need. I hope that makes sense.
Get ready to lift your image up with masking tape.
Center the design on your glass.
Lift up the masking tape.
If your glass isn't flat, you'll end up with wrinkles like this. It's okay, just make sure that the design itself is smooth, with no corners or anything lifting up! This is important because if it's not on there right some of the etching cream can go underneath the creases and it can cause for the design to be messed up at the end when you pull it off! Rub, rub, rub with your fingers to make sure it's set correctly.
Okay so now start brushing on some etching cream onto your glass. Try dabbing it and don't be scared of how much you use. Just follow the instructions on the bottle itself and you'll be good to go. Be careful with it though because it can burn you! If you get it on your hands just rinse it off right away.
Once you've covered your image with the cream, leave it on for about 12-15 minutes.
When the time is up, start rinsing it off. You can gently rub it off with your fingers (at this point its okay to touch it).
Once it's all off, start peeling off the vinyl. This is the exciting part!
And there you have it, simple but pretty. . .
Have fun & CREATE :)


Crystal Mendez said...

It came out awesome love the design ! ;)

Deidre said...

This is a really cool project! Its so nice to meet you and Im joining your blog! Im a NEWBIE here so PLEASE come by and visit me and we can chat!:) Thanks,Deidre~

Milliscent Morgan said...

If you feel blessed I feel glad because I read and now I know new information about etched glass. It could be better to keep writing!


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