Thursday, October 13

DIY Hurricane Vase

So today i wanted to share this Hurricane Vase that i made. I loved the way it turned out! Hurricane vases look so classy & pretty. Perfect to cheer up any home! I know it brings a smile to my face when i see it! Thank you Lord for the little things!!!
I found the candle holder at our U-Turn for Christ Thrift Store for .50 cents and the vase for only $1! I bought some Epoxy which is great to have because it glues pretty much anything and it's great for theses types of projects! You can purchase it at Michael's :)
Here are a few pictures of the tutorial!
You basically just follow the instructions on the Epoxy directions.
I just used some paper to pour it on their and mix it in. They provide a wooden stick that comes with the glue so you can use that to mix it.
Put a little bit of the mixture on the vase and on the candle holder.
Make sure it's centered and wipe off any of the excess that comes out with rubbing alcohol.
Put something heavy on it so it creates pressure! I just used a couple dishes but you can use whatever you want!
And here it is, it took about 3 hours to be completely dry. You can put whatever you want in it! I love sea shells so of course i had to use that. Knowing me though i'll probably change it every once in a while to give it a different look :)
Enjoy your simple beauty!
...God bless...


Amy J said...

Awesome idea!!
I really appreciate the comments on my blog :) and it's really nice to me you! ...and hey, we had such a similar idea with our blog names! good taste.
Blessings-Amy J.

Evelyn Rocha said...

Awe thanks girl!

Crystal Mendez said...

It came out very nice Eva God bless

Evelyn Rocha said...

Thank you :)

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

cute vase! Looks great! Your blog looks great too!
Sorry I have been MIA crazy week! Can't wait to try the brownies too! Love ya girl!


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