Wednesday, October 12

More vinyl ideas :)

Hello you guys! So i just wanted to share some quick, easy and fun ideas that you can create with vinyl for your kitchen or just around the house. These are some of the little things that i did around mine. Im still working on a verse to put up in my room and a sign up on my kitchen! Can't wait to finish it! If you can recall i posted a couple days ago about how to apply vinyl. Well, now that you know you can have fun finding some things to put vinyl on! Use your imagination and CREATE!

I decorated my coffee pot! I loved how it turned out!!!

I got this bottle at our U-Turn for Christ Thrift Store for only $1. It was perfect to use it for my canola oil!

Just a little house decor! You can get those plates at Michael's. There even perfect for a Christmas gift!!!
This is where i store my homemade granola so i thought i would label it as well! Just to add a cute little touch :)
I even decorated my Cricut!
I bought these glass containers at a yard sale a while back for only $1 each! There perfect for spaghetti and my pasta :)

Have FUN!!!
God Bless:)


Crystal Mendez said...

I LOVE the way the OIL BOTTLES came out all so cute Amen Girly God Bless

Evelyn Rocha said...

thank u!!!

ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

These are really cool! So, do you use your Cricut machine to cut out the vinyl? I have looked into the Sillhouette but it is so pricey! (but can do amazing things).

p.s. like your new template design!


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