Thursday, November 3

30 Days Of Gratitude: Day 3

I am blushing this morning. I feel honored to have guest posted with Maria at Agape Love Designs today. Check her blog out. She's super talented and has a lot of cute stuff in her Etsy shop!
And for those of you that are visiting from Agape Love Designs, I hope you feel Welcome and thank you for being here!

So today I'm grateful in particular for my first born, Samuel, our monkey boy. He brings so much joy into my life. He challenges me to want to be a better mother. And even though at times i feel so frustrated and tired and a lot of other things, when i look at him, everything seems to be worth it!
He makes me smile when i hear his laugh! His personality is awesome! He has no fear, loves to climb, if he falls he's not like the typical kid that cries, no no, he gets right back up and continues on his journey, he loves his little sister and cuddles with her whenever he can, he looks so cute when he picks the lint from in between his, he is my little helper and i'm so blessed when ever were praying for our meal and i turn over and his little eyes are closed! I'm so blessed to be his mom! Thank you Lord for giving us Sam Sam.

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