Thursday, November 3


I was tagged in this fun questionable by Cindy from Cinsarah.
So i thought it would be fun to share with you guys 7 random things about me for those of you that don't know me personally! :)

1. Write seven things about yourself.
2. Tag other blogs to do join in the fun.
3. Let them know.

I Love the Lord and I thank Him everyday for all that i have. I couldn't imagine my life without Him because if i did, i would probably erase all the good things that i have and that are worth in my life!

I've been married with my hubby for almost three years now and they have been the most amazing years ever! He is an awesome husband and i never get tired of bragging about him! Don't care if people think i'm corny!!!

We have two beautiful children together! Samuel (21 months) and Alexandra ( 7 months). Yep i know what your thinking...WOW! 14 months apart exactly! Samuel was born February 2nd and Lexy Lou was born April 2nd. I got pregnant from samuel when my husband and i had only been married for 3 months!!! I swore i would never do it again at the time. Haha and then 14 months later, i was in the same stinken hospital giving birth AGAIN! Ugh, i hated it! Pregnancy is not easy for me so i was really bummed when i found out i was pregnant again and so soon. She wasn't planned :( But of course now that i have her i wouldn't change her for the world!!!

We live in a little apartment out in Hemet, CA. Now that we have two kids we've out grown it sooo fast! At times i get frustrated because i can't decorate and have my house the way i would want to. Being an Interior Designer & Decorator, i have that mentality and i can't help but day dream about how i would want things to look like. But there's only so much i can do with four and two bedrooms :/ By March or April of next year though we'll be officially debt free and we'll start looking for our own little love nest! Oh can't wait...

I'm a clean organized freak ( it's my moms fault because she was the same way so i got it from her ). Of course since we only have two bedrooms, my craft area is my dining! So if i'm currently busy with a certain project, my dining room table is trashed! Haha I'm okay with that though because it doesn't stay like that for days!

I love going to the beach! I don't like going in the Ocean though because it freaks me out but i love everything from it: sea shells, starfishes, sand, etc...As a matter a fact in a few weeks my hubby, the kids and i are going down to Newport and spending some time there. My hubby proposed to me at the Ocean there in Newport so every year he takes me back to remember that day, can't wait! :)

I love cooking for my family! Baking is my downfall though! I guess that would explain all the weight i've gained :/ LOL! It's in my plans to loose it soon though! As a matter a fact were about to cancel cable and use that money for a gym membership! They have babysitters there and its only $10 bucks a month for each kid! Not bad at all!!! So it's pretty cool that my hubby and i will be able to go together. Now i just have to pray to stop baking so often! Haha Lots of prayer!

Okay so that's it for me...of course theres more but thats good for now ;)
Your turn!!! Please don't feel like you have to do this, It's just for fun if you'd like to participate! I'd love to get to know you guys a little better!


Cindy@Cinsarah said...

Yay! I love reading about you! We have a lot in common and my favorite is #1!! :)
I'm an organizing freak too! not a clean freak that's another thing, just I need to keep things where they go or I freak out! LOL

EvA. . . said...

lol ur funny!


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