Friday, November 4

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4

Today i'm grateful for my baby girl, Lexy Lou! If any of you read my 7 Random things you'll know that she wasn't planned. I wasn't expecting to have another baby so soon. BUT GOD...had other plans. Now that i have her i wouldn't go back! Her smile lights up my day!!!
Even at 7 months she's such a strong willed little baby! She has such a temper and she's a little drama queen. Even if her brother rubs her in any shape or form and if she's not in the mood, she'll let out a scream! My husband says she has my temper...i would have to agree i tell him, except for the drama queen part..hehe :)
I love it when i hear her in the mornings talking to herself in the crib just waiting for us to go get her, she's a great eater, she cries when her food is gone because she wants more, she loves her mum mum crackers, i love the way she tries to follow her brother. I can tell their going to be best friends! It brings so much JOY into my heart to see them together! She's our little princess and i thank God for giving her to us! It's a privilege to raise her up in HIS ways :)
I can't wait for those days to come when we can go shopping, get pedicures and have fun together!
Thank you Lord for our sweet Alexandra!


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