Wednesday, November 30

DIY Styrofoam Christmas Tree

So today i wanted to share with you all the simple styrofoam tree that i made. After seeing the lovely christmas trees that Kristina from ReMade Simple was making, she inspired me to make my own. Thanks girly :)
I used white yarn and some of those little red decor balls that i used for my Pinecone Garland.
I wasn't sure what to use for the topper so I went to Michaels and found a cute little star. I thought, "this will do it."
Of course you can use whatever color of yarn you want but this is how i did it.
* * * * * * *
You will need:
Styrofoam cone (whatever size you want)
little red ball decor
glue gun
glass candleholder
Start wrapping the yarn around your styrofoam cone. I didn't worry about doing mine all perfect. I just did it all over the place and i loved the way it looked.
Once your done, add a dot of glue to the end of your yarn and glue to set.
Just like this.
Now once you've cut as many mini red balls you want to use, start gluing them onto your tree.
Keep on glueing.
Now grab your glass votive (i got mine @ Michael's, they are all 50% off!!!!) and glue it onto the bottom of your tree so that it becomes a stand.
After you've done that, glue your topper. It doesn't have to have one though. You could do it either way.
And here it is. A pretty white and red tree :)
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His LOVE endures forever."
Psalm 136:1

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Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Gorgeous! So exciting that Christmas is near :)


Barb and Dell said...

How cute is that Eva! And easy too. Thanks for sharing.

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

This looks great!!! I love the white and red contrast. I just might have to make this too :-) Thanks for the tutorial!
Stopping by from Southern Lovely

love. lindsey said...

Very cute! I'm working on some styrofoam trees myself :) I am loving your version!!!

Jamie - Snow In December said...

Oooooh, great tutorial! So simple. My 5 year old will love come I never think of cool ideas like this? lol

Your button is going up today. Thanks for swapping! hugs!

Krista-Artista said...

So cute! And very simple. I love it.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am your newest follower.

special 'k' said...

I love what you have done here thanks for sharing. What a lovely blog you have here I have enjoyed myself looking around and will follow on my way out to ensure I return. I hope you can find the time to visit my place and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Jamie said...

That is beautiful!! Love the red and white. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

i saw hers love it! Yours turned out great!

Michelle@Crazy In Iowa said...

This is such a great idea! I have a styrofoam tree I'm working on right now too & it's taking MUCH longer than I anticipated! This one is very cute...I might have to revise my plans!

Cori said...

This is adorable! Great job. I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll follow me back over at

adventuresindinner said...

Adorable idea, such a great finished project and quick enough that even I will actually do this :-)

Happy new follower and just wanted to say thanks for linking to our Pin'Inspiration party today.

Hope you are as amazed as I am with all the other projects.

Michelle said...

This is very beautiful, it has a very classy look, thanks for sharing the instructions

Hayley said...

Such a great idea!
Loving this time of year!

kim said...

Your little tree is SO cutie! I am hosting my first EVAH link party this weekend. It is up and running now and I would love for you to come link up some of your projects!

Kim @ Too Much Time

Theophanie said...

I just made a Styrofoam tree too! (
I came over from RoCa and am happy to be your newest follower! Your blog is awesome!


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